WhatsApp Online

Texting is one of the prime methods of keeping in touch with your loved ones. It’s been a part of mobile phone culture for a while, and has only grown in use ever since the first SMS was ever sent. Of course, since this service isn’t free, sometimes the price tag that comes with a texting package can become a little expensive. Of course, like most carriers do, they offer up many different packages, but sometimes that really isn’t enough to quell your need. This is where SMS suites and programs come in to replace the standard methods of texting, and one of the best out there right now is WhatsApp. If you’re looking for WhatsApp Web Client, or WhatsApp Online, your best bet is to get WhatsApp on your computer.

WhatsApp Perks

This program, much like Viber or Skype before it, is mostly aimed at replacing the standard messenger on your phone and in many respects, it does an admirable job of it. The program itself is light on the phone in many ways.

WhatsApp Online

First off, it doesn’t eat up as much resources as Viber does, so running it on older models will be very easy. At the same time, it’s a very light program, which means accessing is just a matter of tapping on the icon. As it loads, you’ll notice that it doesn’t hinder the other running apps on your phone. Another advantage to this program is that it allows users to enjoy a full year of free use, and anyone who has the same app can get your messages.

How does WhatsApp work?

You might be wondering just how this app works on your phone. When you load up the program, it will take quite a bit of time scanning your contacts. From there, it will check who’s using the app with their number attached, and then add them to your list. Every time you message, you’ll find that the program offers you the option of choosing the standard messenger or WhatsApp. All your messages to other users will be free so you’ll be cutting out a lot of your bill.

There is also the option of creating a conference room where you can interact with up to 10 people. Couple that with voice messaging and light multimedia messaging, and WhatsApp turns out pretty well rounded when compared to other programs. It can also function pretty smoothly on 3G connections, so older phone models and their users won’t have to suffer. While you will have to pay around $1 for further use after your year is up, that is a really small price to pay.

Some Problems with the Program

Of course, while the program does deserve a lot of praise for smooth handling, its lightweight resource consumption, and speedy response, no app is perfect. The reasons why this app has a voice messaging option is that it doesn’t come equipped with calling functionality. At the same time, it doesn’t work with other messengers, so if one of your pals likes to use Viber, then you’ll have to find a way around that issue.

The biggest problem that comes coupled with the inability to interact with other programs is the fact that you can’t install it on your PC directly. In light of these issues, one can really see how this program can fail to serve some particular users. However, if you’re in the market for a mobile dedicated messenger program, this app probably outranks Skype and other free services. At the same time, there are millions of users online at any one time, and the chances are high that your friends are already on the program.